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Why do you need the EdGuard LWBS bolster protectors ?

It can be an physical challenge getting in and out of Porsche’s lightweight bucket seats, and the side bolsters become unfortunate shoehorns as people struggle with the process.  We have seen seats just a few months old with visible scuffing, broken down support cushions, and torn stitching. Imagine how those seats will look in a few years!   Fabrics like jeans and wool are virtual sandpaper.  They grind into and across the delicate factory leather, and there’s not much you can do to stop it.  Some athletic owners have developed their own maneuvers to hover over the seat and settle in without dragging themselves over the bolsters, but the fact remains these the bolsters are exceptionally vulnerable to wear.  You may personally have the skill and discipline to avoid scuffing your seat when you get in and out, and you might be able to badger your spouse into the same, but it’s not realistic to think everyone can or will do that for you.  Your date? Your client? Your boss? The elderly?  Kids? Mechanics? Valets?  While many of us will do everything possible to avoid having people scuff up the seats, some scuffing (and long-term damage) is inevitable.  The EdGuard was designed to offer serious protection against this kind of damage, without looking like you just threw a cover over your barbeque.  Once installed, the EdGuard is form-fitted over both side bolsters, on both seats, and perfectly replicates the look of the factory seat.  Most people, including most concourse judges, will never even realize they are installed.  The only difference is that the factory seats are well-protected under the EdGaurd and will never get scuffed, even when Big Uncle Bob wedged himself into the car, rivet-studded jeans and all. 
Do you want the EdGuard? 
Oh yeah you do…

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