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Products by lunatics, for lunatics!

How is all began ....

EdGuard USA grew out of one man's desire to have the perfect bolster covers for his then new GT4.  Ed "Crazy Eddie" Saadi is a perfectionist's perfectionist.  The products offered on the market looked like big floppy leather rags to him, so he set out to make bolster covers that looked so much like the factory seat, that they were virtually invisible! After countless iterations, the EdGuard was born. 

The fit, finish, quality and overall appearance is indistinguishable from an uncovered factory seat. 

Even the thread used to recreate the factory deviated stitching is the exact thread that comes with the car.

Take the time to compare the EdGuard to other bolster covers and it will be obvious why the most knowledgeable and informed Porsche owners consistently choose the EdGuard over other options. See for yourself by looking at the Rennlist reviews linked above.

Based on the success of the bolster covers, EdGuard USA now proudly offers a host of other leather products, including:
*Fire extinguisher covers
*Center armrest covers
*Seat cushion inserts in upholster-to-sample fabrics
*Sport chrono bezels
*Fuse box covers
*Stitched leather inner door sills, and much more.
The factory charges handsomely for many leather-wrapped items with deviated stitching -- most of which EdGuard USA can replicate for a fraction of the price. If you don't see what you are looking for, send us an email or give us a call. 

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Factory Materials, Factory Quality

It doesn't get any better!

EdGuardUSA uses only the finest equipment and factory materials.  The finished product is virtually indistinguishable from products that come directly from the factory.

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